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Children in Grove, OK help build a well in Rwanda

well in Rwanda

This guest post is by Julie Bloss, principal of Grove Early Childhood Center in Grove, Oklahoma.

Two years ago, the Grove Early Childhood Center in Grove, OK, received a Sharing the Dream grant through NAESP. Part of the grant activities included raising awareness of water conditions in third world countries and conducting a global service learning project. The ECC students collected money and contributed to help build a water well in Rwanda. This link shows pictures of our project.  It is amazing to see the difference that our students’ donations made to the community of Gasuna.

Grove Early Childhood Center’s W.E.L.L. (Water Education for Little Learners) project was funded by a 2011-2012 Sharing the Dream grant.

Read more about the project in the Spring 2012 Sharing the Dream School Newsletter.

Global Resources for Schools: GlacierWorks

GlacierWorks imageOn the GlacierWorks website, students can explore the Himalayan glaciers in incredible detail, see how they are being impacted by climate change, and trace how they provide fresh water for almost every major river system of Asia.

The site features interactive maps, images taken by early mountaineers, and astonishing gigapixel photographic images that allow students to virtually soar thousands of feet above a glacier and view it in its entirety or dip down to the ground and explore pebbles in the ice.


Global Resources for Schools is our regular feature highlighting international focused organizations, educational websites and resources to support educators in their efforts to create globally oriented schools.

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