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Students investigate issues facing seasonal farm workers and families

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Students at Hinsdale Elementary in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, probed the global issue of poverty and its effects locally and around the world through art, writing and drama, and discovered how art can be a creative outlet that can uplift individuals and communities.

Using Skype, children interviewed a migrant dairy farm worker to ask why people leave Mexico to work in the U.S. and why farms in New Hampshire hire migrant workers.

Artists-in-residence from the Beehive Collective—an international group that creates artworks around social, justice and environmental issues—inspired students to collaborate on a mural and song to express what they had learned about poverty, agriculture, seasonal farm workers, and fair wages, which they shared at a family arts night.

“Instead of just learning about these topics, I can actually do something!” one student said. “Shouldn’t we be helping these people? Workers need to be paid more.”

The school launched a website to document their Poverty, Art and Justice project that features lesson plans, videos, and photos.

Hinsdale Elementary’s project was funded by a 2012-2013 Sharing the Dream grant. To apply for a 2013-2014 grant, click here.

Sharing the Dream

Grants for pre-K-8 school projects that create global classrooms where children—and families—can safely connect, exchange ideas and learn together.

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